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axumblade said:
COKTOE said:

Yes, absolutely. I'm just musing here. However, those are all well established franchises. Uncharted is the baby among them, and it has 6 games and 13 years of history behind it. Maybe Sony wants to go in a new direction, or shutter it entirely, and are low-key allowing it to fade away. And just to be clear, I'm not saying this is what's happening, but Sony's silence on Days Gone is absolutely bizarre. Any thoughts as to why it isn't being given the same amount of praise from the company that published it as has been given to it's contemporaries?

The game has pretty bad reviews compared to the games they listed. I'd also say that Sony Bend rarely get the recognition they deserve. 

That's possible. The rise of Metacritic has certainly changed how review scores are viewed. Personally, I would not classify Days Gone's score as bad in and of itself, nor would I say it's bad when grouped among Sony exclusives. It would depend on how much importance Sony places on MC scores. Enough importance to not draw attention to a games sales success because it sits at 72? That seems harsh and counterproductive. It's also something that will very likely, be impossible to ever prove or disprove. Could be though.

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