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d21lewis said:

My thoughts (and again, I managed to avoid all spoilers, reviews, and trailers):

*Early on*
Man, this thing is slow to get started. The last game started off with a bang. I guess it's building towards something.

Who the hell is this lady I'm playing as?

*Abby kills Joel*
"Holy shit! That came out of nowhere. Very "Walking Dead" of them."

*Couple hours into Ellie's quest*
"Well, I'm bored."

*After fighting a few villains and infected*
"Damn, this AI is good. Maybe the best, ever..."

*After sneaking or fighting too many patrols*
"Okay. I'm bored. Let's kill Abby so I can move on to something else..."

*After switching to Abby*
"What the fuck!? I thought I'd beaten the game. I don't want to play as this bitch!!"

*After several hours as Abby*
"She's not too bad. Maybe Ellie is the bad guy..."

*Surviving being hung*
"Okay. This game is awesome. I love it."

*After going back for those kids*
*Okay, game. You made you point. Let's wrap this thing up!"

*Fighting the boss in the hospital*
"Now THAT'S a boss fight!!"

*Fighting Ellie*
"Die, bitch! Hell, both of you deserve to die!"

*On the farm*
"Well, this was satisfying, I guess. Time to play something else."

*Plays as Abbie again*
"What the fuck, game? Why won't you end?"

*Plays as Ellie*
"Okay. This area is awesome. More of this, please."

*Final battle*
"Game of the year."

That is a very good summary with key changes on the game chapter.

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