Dyotropic said:

Also, RFA doesn't have any digital sales. If other games had digital sales, RFA would be relatively a lot lower on the chart.

At the same time, RFA has some of its sales not tracked by Famitsu because they are through the official Nintendo Store in Japan.

For the prior fiscal period, Nintendo reported having shipped 890K to Japan, but on Famitsu the sales were 745K. A gap of 145K attributed to Nintendo's online store. At the moment I'm thinking we would see shipped numbers for RFA will be over >1.3M for Japan for the prior quarter(1.1M shipped to retailers / 250K from Nintendo directly).  

Nintendo has had issues with supply through-out nearly a year RFA has been on the market. We haven't actually seen how much its able to sell if there is enough supply out there. Around 100K units were unaccounted for Q4(Nintendo store), this climbed to 145K in Q1, but during Q1 we also had COVID, and Nintendo store was selling everything as soon as it arrived. During this time at retail, Ring Fit had it's slowest months due to low stock - selling under 10K because there was simply only so many units Nintendo was able to provide to retailers. Week 18(April 27 - May 3) we saw the first time Nintendo was able to provide more stock and gradually RFA has hit a baseline of around 30-40K shipped to retailers per week. This is why I think Nintendo sold at least 100K directly through their store this quarter. 

  • Week 17: 12.351
  • Week 18: 81.649
  • Week 19: 22.740
  • Week 20: 21.963
  • Week 21: 11.746
  • Week 22: 39.518
  • Week 23: 29.487

Famitsu Ring Fit Adventure Quarterly Results

  • 2019Q4: 495.639
  • 2020Q1: 249.488
  • 2020Q2: 328.387
  • 2020Q3: 99.729

Nintendo Ring Fit Adventure Quarterly Results

  • 2019Q4: 630K
  • 2020Q1: 260K
  • Prediction for 2020Q2: >430K
  • Prediction for LTD: 1.32M