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Finished Halo 2 today. What a great game. The second half was much better than the first imho. The narrative unfolding before you was incredible as you see Covenant turn on one another and a war between I guess brutes and elites starting to happen, to the point where many of the battles on the last few levels you don't even have to join, you can just run by as they kill each other.

I have two small questions after playing this game and the first level of Halo 3. One, how did Johnson beat Master Chief back to Earth? Maybe I am mistaken but didn't MC take off in a Forerunner ship alone at the end of Halo 2? And Halo 3 begins with Arbiter and Johnson watching Chief crash down. Maybe I missed something. Secondly, am I correct in assuming Gravemind is like the collective consciousness of The Flood?

So I am starting Halo 3 now. A game I was very hyped for and had a crew of friends from real life set to play tons of MP with.... and then we played the CoD4 beta, and decided to pass on Halo lol. But holy shit the marketing for this game was beyond any other game I remember, ever. Even the biggest CoD. I remember you could be pumping gas at 7/11 and the pump would remind you to preorder Halo 3 inside. Insanity.