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twintail said:
Captain_Yuri said:
Is that a loading screen?

On a second watch, it does seem that way. But it's just a demo and based on the interview the same demo used to show off controller features to 3rd party studios.

I imagine the final game it will be an instant but who knows for now 

COKTOE said:

I hope there's a way to toggle all the haptic stuff on and off in games that use it.

Yeah I think a toggle unless a game absolutely requires it.

That said, if it can be toggled that gives even less incentive for studios to include the feature in their games. 

Personally I want 2 things, but these are more OS level features.

1) button remap profiles (instead of the current off/ on) where I can set a profile for specific installed games. I'm guessing the PS5 will also allow multiple games to be minimised and having a system that automatically chooses the profile you've already set would be great.

2) All in-game button prompts should align with with button remapping you've done.

Yeah, that's true. I wonder how often multi-plats will use it to begin with? Interesting days.

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