RolStoppable said:
JRPGfan said:

You honestly think its 4 more years or longer, until Switch gets replaced by a Switch 2?
When nintendo themselves have already talked about a new Switch?


When and where did Nintendo talk about a new Switch?

Back in July 7-8th? or so, there was the 80th annual shareholder presentation, during the Q&A a shareholder asked about the future, to the bord of directors.

They talked about the nintendo switch successor at that event.
They said that the next nintendo console, will also be a hybrid like the Switch (they like the single platform aspect, for development) and the ability it gives them to stand out from the others.

They didnt say "when" or anything like that, all they said was the next successor was also a hybrid.
Obviously if they have decided that, its likely they are already at work makeing/planning the next one.... even if still years away.