super_etecoon said:
JRPGfan said:
How many of these threads do we need?
This is like the 3rd of its kinde in like a week or something...

It's a dry, quiet time for Nintendo game announcements at the moment.  Not sure what you want posted instead.  And there are plenty of themes and ideas getting multiple threads right now across all platforms.  It's just the moment we're in.  But feel free to chime in on the discussion since you stopped by.

Last thread of this type, I said I believe Switch will get replaced by a Switch 2,0 within 2-3 years.
And that it would thus not outsell the PS4... doing less than 130m or so, which I suspect the PS4 will end up at.
It was a thread like "will the Switch outsell the PS4", and apparently I was like the only person there actually makeing arugment for it, everyone else just said more or less "yes" or "no".

I pointed out that Nintendo systems in generally, have a better showing first half of their life cycle, and usually drop faster than other consoles towards the end. Also that other nintendo handhelds systems that sold well, were cheaper, and had people collect multiple versions of same models (or newer models), as a collection item. Something unlikely with the switch. Pointing out that something like the DS, each parent would likely buy each kid their own model, while the Switch would be more likely to be a shared unit (hooked up to a tv, 1 joycon for each kid) type of deal.

Then got the replies like "nah, reasons, 150m+ is happending believe it".

This thread actually has a option to vote for 160m.
I just dont see that happending lol.

I dont feel like doing a repeat of that other thread (*edit: but did explain again, since you pressured me into it),
so... yeah feel free to discuss why everyone believes its gonna end up beating the DS.

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