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Finished Halo CE this morning. Overall it’s still a great game that holds up but I enjoyed Reach more. Reach was a great SP game, Halo CE just seems like it wasn’t as good as when I originally played through it in split screen.

So that brings me to Halo 2 and ODST. Thinking back to how gargantuan Halo was during the Halo 2/3/ODST era, I was pretty excited to start it. I don’t remember if I played through the SP on my OG Xbox. I just played a shit ton of MP. ODST I did start and greatly enjoyed what I played but I didn’t finish.

The first thing I noticed starting Halo 2 is how amazing the cut scenes are in the Anniversary mode. I wish the original Halo allowed you to swap between graphics modes during cut scenes but it doesn’t. Halo 2 does, though. What a huge difference.

I’ve played up until Metropolis, which means I now need to start ODST. So far Halo 2 seems pretty good. I do remember playing as Arbiter or something, I guess that comes later.