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Movie-based games tend to turn out below average. Mostly due to the fact that they are rushed out to launch alongside the movie. But there are some games that actually turn out really good. 


One of my favorites was Peter Jackson's King Kong Videogame. This game to this day is still very unique to me, As i have a hard time finding anything quite like it. The atmosphere was chilling and tense. i played this game as a kid and there were moments that legitimately terrified me but i enjoyed it all the same. It was lots fun fighting off the various creatures on the island. And the Kong battles were cool as well. 


Another game i loved was Spider-man 2. This one was really something special. It was mindblowing to me the first time i played it because there was not a game i played before that gave the player so much freedom. You could literally climb to the top of any building in the city. You could beat up a bad guy and hang him on a lampost. And the swinging was loads of fun. 

So let's discuss. What are some of your favorite movie tie-in games if any?