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Good detail, very similar to what Sony have done, but don't seem to mention direct access that doesn't go through the I/O for some functions.
Also they abused a little on mixed PR adjectives that are verified not true.
1. The 2.4 is the performance design, not peak, cold, etc, it is always 2.4
2. Yes the multiplying of peaks can be ignored, 2.4 is the speed, everything else will vary based on the application
3. No it doesn't use Zen2 cores, he is explaining that the decompression block perform an activity that would use otherwise use many Zen2 cores (PS5 have the same with their I/O and decompression)
4. Loading only the texture only when required and at the detail needed isn't that old. Remember that because of the HDD speed a lot of stuff needed to be already loaded on the RAM (even when not showing) what was avoided was rendering what isn't seem. So now with faster SSD and new techniques the texture isn't even on the RAM before needed and also it will load at the level of detail it is needed.

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