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sales2099 said:
DonFerrari said:

Don't forget Papa Phil said PS4Pro competed against X1S not X1X because apparently 1,3 vs 4,2 Tflops (3x) are a smaller difference than 4,2 vs 6? (40%) difference.

So it is obvious that X1 doesn't holds XSX down but it will be a world difference agains PS5. It will be like X1 1080p30fps, PS5 1440p30fps and XSX 8k120fps you'll see.

Don’t forget people loyal to PS themselves. Better to compete with the weaker hardware then one that’s considerably better.

Id settle for 4K/60 or even 4K/30 for any slow paced 3rd person single player action adventure games. 

Edit: It begins, the resolution wars of 2020 :)

So the poorly formed opinion of a random person is the same weight as Phil Spencer whose console weren't able to compete at all? Gotcha.

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