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d21lewis said:
Just finished it. And this time I'm positive because the credits are rolling! Jeezus, this thing just went on and on.

Managed to avoid all spoilers, trailers, reviews, etc., too. Proud of myself for that. Anyway, I posted my thoughts a few times when I thought I was at the end of the game and they weren't very positive a lot of the time. Those threads have been closed for whatever reason.

Anyway, as a Sony hater and a PS4 Pro owner, despite the parts I didn't like, despite the characters and the padding, the feeling I have right now? Maybe I was manipulated a couple of times but...


I'll never EVER play this game again.

Very honest opinion =]

And some games are to be played once... although TLOU2 I see myself playing again in PS5 some years in the future.

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