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goopy20 said:
sales2099 said:

Well to be clear I said any combination of the 2. Then again seeing the Halo reveal trailer with the nature aspects, I was sold right there. And again Series X is 20% stronger then PS5, 30% when it’s not being overclocked. 

You wanna peddle you’re narrative well this is mine. MS actually planned for a next gen leap in graphics while hitting benchmarks that weren’t possible last gen. They aren’t relying on PR and their own fanbase to rationalize settling for less. 

We know man, you already mentioned the 20% gpu difference 5 times now. So you think 20% more gpu power will make a huge difference but let me guess, a 4Tflops Lockhart or the 1,3Tflops Xbox One won't hold back Series X at all because uncle Phil says so...

But I'm still curious if you ever played a game at 120fps and why you think that's so important? I'm also curious if you can tell the difference between native 4k and something like 1440p or checkerboard rendering.

You can’t lecture me on repeating the 20-30% gap when you peddle the holding back concern trolling stance since the year started. Fact is Xbox is in a better position to hit benchmarks while also looking next gen. 

If you make a game on the lower hardware and port up then 100% you are right it holds new hardware back. But since they announced Halo Infinite is built natively on Series X we now know they just have to cut corners to scale down. You know this but still for some reason hope (???) that MS is building games natively on old hardware and porting up.

It’s simple, my TV is 4K and more frames the better. If you wanna settle for less before the generation even begins then I’m glad I’m not on your side. Series X has a better shot to do both because they actually designed it to be next gen. I never played a game at 120 FPS but I imagine it’s a step up and can’t wait to see the difference. 

Here I know it doesn’t suit your concern but here’s the confirmation again.

Last edited by sales2099 - on 12 July 2020

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