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Conina said:
hinch said:

I'm sorry but Phil's full of shit. A few weeks ago he goes on like he doesn't care about how many Xbox's they sell. And here we are in the middle of July.. and they haven't even announced their price.

I don't like it either that we still don't know the price... but are Sony or Nintendo better?

We also still don't know the PS5 prices and Nintendo announced the Switch price in January 2017, only 9 weeks before launch.

So they all are full of shit, obviously.

Its obvious they care otherwise they would have announced the price already. Like back in June, 2013 at E3. Sony cares as Playstation is a big part of Sony's business. But they don't come out and with stuff like this.

At least the management of Nintendo and Playstation doesn't come out h some new stuff every week that fits their narrative. Watch how when MS moves all development to XSX, you really think they'll bring up crossgen it is to support more systems. No they will be like 'this plays best on Xbox Series X' best EXCLUSIVE games only on Xbox Series X/S. Crossgen isn't new. Nintendo systems generally have at least one Zelda that launches with their new consoles and don't constantly try drum it into people making it a stand out point.