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LudicrousSpeed said:
goopy20 said:

I said next gen games typically means new experiences. More immersion is a new experience and that is what a generational jump in graphics usually means. The dimension jumping in Ratchet & Clank makes the game more immersive. Now if that had 30 second loading screens, it would completely break the immersion and it would have been pointless to put it in the game in the first place.

MS's strategy isn't only about the Xbox One. Obviously they'll not be supporting it for another 7 years. But since they're not pushing next gen tech, MS will just look at how they'll potentially reach the biggest user base and target the lowest common denominator. They'll likely be targeting a 4Tflops Lockhart and low-end pc for the remainder of next gen. Not sure how a low-end pc will compare to Series X, 4 years from now. But it might take a while before RTX2080 like performance and NVME SSD becomes standard on pc.

Why would it need 30 second load screens for what was essentially a scripted sequence? You didn’t explore those worlds as you jumped through. Again, it’s funny how low your bar for “real next gen” is with PS5 yet with MS, who you claim has been badly marketing next gen and lowering your expectations and making you angry, your bar could not be higher. 

Oh cool so now immersion is what matters. Another goal post shift. Did you see the Hellblade cinematic? Since you’re so giddy over the HFW cinematic, you must also be thrilled about the Hellblade one too, right? That was incredible. Did you see the lighting and weather effects? And the sound. Talk about being immersed. You can find YouTube videos of literal Viking descendants being amazed at the sounds and visuals of the game and how authentic they are. So next time you’re admittedly very angry about what Microsoft is doing, just remember that. Oh and remember Halo, because one second you’re saying it will be 4k and 120fps and the next second you’re saying MS isn’t pushing the XSX hardware. Have you considered you might get less angry about MS if y oh stopped relying on so much FUD?

Because of the amount of data being streamed in. You are essentially loading into levels within seconds. That is simply not possible with last generation hardware.

Another exclusive Medium, on XSX that takes advantage of new hardware. Here's what a dev had to say about their game  -

Speaking to Xbox Wire, Bloober Team producer Jacek Zięba reconfirmed that there'll be no cross-gen port of The Medium, and that it would be exclusive to Xbox Series X and PC. 

Zięba touched on some of the reasons for this, telling Xbox Wire: "Thanks to the power of Xbox Series X, we can develop the game the way we have always envisioned it. I’m not talking only about graphics, although certainly it helps create an immersive and disturbing atmosphere, but also about gameplay."

Not even to mention games like Star Citizen. And other true next gen games like Crysis back in 2017. And the plethora of games that take advantage of hardware without constraints of being tied to old hardware.

I'm sorry but Phil's full of shit. A few weeks ago he goes on like he doesn't care about how many Xbox's they sell. And here we are in the middle of July.. and they haven't even announced their price. He's saying that he finds it counter-productive to lock people out of playing games and goes against gaming is all about and yet buys out many Studio's for exclusivity. Unless you buy into their ecosystem, right?

The guy can't even keep his stance on anything other than try to look like the 'good guy' and pro consumer and all the other buzzwords he uses to describe what is view on what gaming is about. They (MS) act like they doing this as a favour to the consumer but in reality its like other company, they only care for your money and that is the bottom line.

He should just let the games do the talking tbh.