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Shadow1980 said:

How much of that 80% includes PC and digital-only releases?

EDIT: To elaborate upon that, we never seem to get real details about these sorts of things. PC game sales are over 90% digital. Lots of re-releases of older games (including many Capcom games re-released over the past couple of years) are digital-only, with no physical option. What's the split for the PS4 versions of Monster Hunter World, Resident Evil 2 Remake, DMC5, and other $60 AAA console releases with physical copies as options for purchase? Details matter. Saying "80% of our game sales are digital" doesn't tell the whole story

Yeah, I would be much more interested to see what the split is for titles that are released physically on the same day as the digital release. I think these numbers aren't publicized because it is in the best interest of publishers if gamers don't actually own their media. 

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