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goopy20 said:

The fact that first party exclusives look better than multiplatform games proves exactly why the Xbox One will be holding Series X back. 

Ps5 games will potentially be build from the ground up to take advantage of features that aren't in the ps4, like the SSD, and a 10 times more powerful cpu and gpu. It simply allows developers to be far more ambitious with their ideas than if they constantly have to think "will this run on a HDD and a Jaguar cpu too?"

Of course loads of things are scalable on the gpu side but even that has its limits. The Xbox One's gpu is comparable to a GTX750, but try running something like RDR2 on a GTX730. It's simply impossible. Even in 360p at the lowest settings it will run at like 12fps.

Keep in mind there are multiple variants of the Geforce GT 730.
Some with DDR3, some with GDDR5, some based on the 28nm Kepler, some based on the 40nm Fermi with 1/4th of the CUDA cores.

Even the GDDR5 variant was a shit GPU on release... Clearly he is bandwidth limited in those benchmarks.

The GTX 750 however is a big step up over the Xbox One's Radeon 7750~ level GPU.

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