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SvennoJ said:
sales2099 said:

Don’t know what to tell you. You can stick with your PC or Xbox One you all ready bought if you aren’t ready. Or you are forced to spend $500 on a new console. This goes double if you aren’t a early adopter. You think people who bought a PS4 in the last year or two are day 1 adopters? 

Bold: Halo Infinite is exclusive in that I can’t find it on PS. We both know that’s the only parameter that matters here. It’s also a Series X launch title. Also a new game when it releases. You have no idea how different it will be to the last gen version. Myself and many others don’t want to settle. We want the best version. That said:

We will see plenty of games that will fall outside the cross gen window in the coming weeks.  

It's the incentive to buy the new console which is missing. So yup, will stick with my gaming laptop. It already has a fast SSD and ran Forza Horizon 4 at max (or near max, not sure) settings at 60fps.

The thing is though, as long as there are not a couple exclusives I really want to play on a certain box, I won't buy that box, and thus also no multi platform games for that box, and thus also not buy live gold again or any of the other things on offer. Nor will I be all that impressed seeing the games run scaled down on my laptop in LDR at 1080p, but it will be enough not to spend $500 on an extra box. It's the same reason why I abandoned the GPU upgrade race on PC, why spend the extra money if it won't get fully utilized anyway and I can play the watered down version just fine.

Perhaps they will come later, yet then there's still Lockhart which will likely ensure that all games next gen will be fine on a 1080p gaming laptop as well. I rather play on console, but not going to pay twice for the same thing.

Great sounds like you all ready in the ecosystem you don’t need to upgrade right away. And you won’t be left behind either. God knows there’s plenty early adopters to go around at launch. 

Xbox: Best hardware, Game Pass best value, best BC, more 1st party genres and multiplayer titles.