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sales2099 said:
eva01beserk said:

but thats the thing, the competition has barely said anything. last they said anything of interest was like a month ago. But MS is still fighting like its getting Daily attacks from sony. Its almost on a daily basis that xbox team has some coment on how they are better in some way. After a point people get nervous and wonder why are they so defensive and are gona start questioning if theres any truth to it. The best they can do is just shut up and show games. 

From my point of view he’s aware of what the gamers are saying and responding to them. Core gamer mindshare going into next gen is important.

Because after all, we do talk about these things and dissect every quote. He wants to ideally shape the narrative when people take apart his quotes. Naturally he says things that the other side cherry picks and makes suit their narrative. Tale as old as time. 

Overall they are doing something that’s pro consumer and it’s a shame they getting blowback. And waiting for the 23rd is frustrating to say the least lol. 

How is it pro consumer not to offer anything that's specifically made to showcase and can only be enjoyed on the shiny new console you just forked out $500 for. I find it anti early adopter tbh. Ideally there would be both, some cross-gen games and a bunch of new games that are specifically made for the new consoles taking full advantage of the SSD and improved CPU/GPU.

Early adopters want exclusive launch games. That's the main reason for being an early adopter. Exciting new games you could not experience on the old system. Not just the same stuff at higher res / fps with some extra effects.