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I'm curious to know what the digital/physical percentage for only Capcom's new games are for this gen.

I feel like 90% of the games Capcom release this gen were just re-releases of their older games and I can definitely see people picking them up digitally when they're cheaper. With that in mind, I also dont find many people buying physical versions of a game they've bought before on previous gens. I know a good amount of people that re-bought RE4 on PSN for $5, and also a good number of their games had short physical prints ie. Okami, Onimusha etc.

Digital games definitely has its place in the market without a doubt, but I feel like Capcom themselves hasn't really played fairly in the physical vs digital market which is why it's no surprise that 80% of its sales were digital.

And if they're also including DLC I can only imagine the few people that picked up physical copies of Street Fighter V/limited prints of the Arcade/Championship Editions are for the small collectors. They swarm PSN/XBL with a million DLC to the point where it's more pointless to pick up the physical copies because when they released physical it was already out of date the moment you unwrapped it.