Agente42 said:
SvennoJ said:

Actually MS was behind the MSX platform which is the birthplace of Metal Gear Solid. The MSX did well in Japan and in parts of Europe, but for some reason failed in the USA.

Nintendo on the other hand was seen as the kiddie console where I lived with expensive cartridges and crappy conversions. NES and the 50hz curse... Sony dragged consoles away from the games are for kids stigma back to where they were with Atari, Commodore and Amiga.

Anyway, I was born in '74, been playing games since 1980 and never heard of the video game crash until I moved to NA. Apparently I lived through it without ever noticing it, happily gaming away.

Who played The Legend of Zelda and Metroid is not kids, and the sports games too. The marketing of Sega is too good, and perceive a teenager console only and die with this.(besides the marketing) The marketing saying something, the data say another thing. The neutral aspect of Nes and Gameboy says this console for everyone. Sales wise demonstrate this. Nintendo kids game myth is applied, in some way, true for worst selling Nintendo console and not for the best selling, when Nintendo sells for a niche core fans and the kids ( Wiiu, Gamecube,SnEs[ in part], 2ds). 

I don't know who played them, we played on C64 and Amiga 500 at the time. Those were very successful spawning frequent copy parties in community centers all around the country. Parents (the ones I knew) and schools thought more highly of these home computers since you could do a lot more of them. The MSX I had doubled as a keyboard (learned to play the piano on it, midi keyboard attachment module) plus I learned BASIC on it and got me interested in programming which became my career later on.

NES was released end of '86 in Europe. I was 12 at the time and among my age group the NES was considered to be for under 10. We were too busy with MSX C64 and the upcoming Amiga 500 which launched the year after. Amiga 500 had a lot of buzz, NES none. After Amiga 500 PC became the choice for teenagers until the PS1 came out. The first Zelda I played was OOT. We grew up on war games on the C64, Leisure suite Larry / Police Quest / Monkey island / Lemmings / Sim city on PC, racers and platformers on Amiga 500. N64 started to get the older kids interested with Wave race initially.

My much younger Nephews did have a NES and Sega (Sonic) which was also fun but looked like kids games.