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hush404 said:

Yeah, that's true, I wasn't thinking it would go up more. It seems to follow the trend of $10 over that of the US price and has for a while. I don't recall seeing an odd prices like $77.99 to make up for the difference in the dollar. I bought Horizon Zero Dawn at full price (actually got the CE for that) but think that's likely the last game I bought on release at full asking. I mean... I bought the SpongeBob game that just came out but it was $29.99 on release, so I was fine with that.  I took advantage of a black Friday sale price on a Cyberpunk 2077 pre-order and got in for $54.99 which Im super happy with (and tbh, CP2077 is likely a game I would pay full price for anyways).

Prices went up slowly last gen. I went through my physical game collection and selected the ones I bought at release for which I still have the receipt (I often put the receipt in the box)

Canadian prices before tax

11/28/2019 Death Stranding $79.99
06/13/2019 Blood and Truth $49.99
01/18/2019 Ace Combat 7 $79.99
10/26/2018 RDR2 $99.99 (special edition)
09/07/2018 Spiderman $79.99
06/06/2018 Detroit become human $79.99
04/20/2018 God of War $79.99
02/08/2018 Shadow of the Colossus $49.99
10/17/2017 GT Sport $89.99 (steelbook edition)
09/05/2017 Knack 2 $49.99
01/24/2017 RE7 $77.99
12/06/2016 The last guardian $77.99
09/08/2016 No Man's Sky $77.99
05/02/2016 The Talos Principle $34.99
03/24/2016 Trackmania Turbo $49.99
03/24/2016 Plants vs Zombie: GW $67.79
11/15/2015 Fallout 4 $77.99
09/09/2015 Tearaway unfolded $39.99
09/03/2015 MGS Phantom pain $69.99
07/03/2015 Batman Arkham Knight $67.99
03/25/2015 Bloodborne $67.99
11/20/2014 Dragon Age Inquisition $67.99
11/20/2014 LBP 3 $67.99
11/20/2014 Far Cry 4 $67.99
11/20/2014 GTA 5 $67.99 (CAD 307.31 in one go after tax!)
07/31/2014 The last of us remastered $39.99
05/15/2014 Project cars $67.99
04/21/2014 Dynasty warriors 8 $64.99

GT6 was $59.99 as well as the ps4 launch games, yet it quickly started to go up after the launch of the ps4.
The last of us part II was $79.99 as well, bought it digitally due to covid19.