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Ultravolt said:

Doesn't Nintendo and Rockstar have a rocky relationship? I remember reading an article that stated Nintendo didn't want GTA on their platform, so Rockstar got mad or something... i dunno, my memory's probably off on that one.

Nintendo got them to release a timed exclusive GTA on DS. Promoted it at E3. In fact, Iwata and Miyamoto took a tour of the R* NYC office for the game. That said, China Wars flopped badly. I just think R* feels there is not an audience for GTA on Nintendo systems. Tho like Capcom and EA they are living in the past. We have seen Saints Row games release on Switch. R* supported Wii and DS with quite a few games. From Manhunt 2 to Tabletop Tennis to China Wars. I think Manhunt 2 didn't do well tho. So their M rated efforts failed on Wii and DS. They probably still see Nintendo as that audience.

Last edited by Leynos - on 08 July 2020

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