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Hiku said:
Vodacixi said:

Still... It's incredible that non of them took legal actions. Ok, it's hard to prove... But I would at least try. Put these monsters under investigation and such. If not for the them... For potential victims in the future. If they just let them go with an apology... Who says they won't do it again? Who can assure me that they will look for professional help? I can't trust people like this. 

I don't know, this is messed up... 

Yeah, I get it. Though in some cases, like when the victim just asks for an apology, and the abuser admits it even when they could have denied it, then turning around and reporting them to the authorities would be a dick move (I know they deserve it, but), and it would discourage other abusers from coming clean if there's no upside to it.

Regarding getting professional help, I definitely think people need to make sure they do that at the very least.
And ZeRo's (former) sponsor Tempo Storm were class acts in this regard. Check out their statement.

Wish every sponsor would do that.

People often forget the victms when they focus on the criminal be either being sympatetic or critical/hash.

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