COKTOE said:

I don't trust them. I don't trust them to do what's right when it matters. When they aren't punching up. When they are afforded the opportunity to pull some kind of s**t move, I think they're likely to pull down their pants and squat.

Like this example from 4 days ago, that is evocative of the Windows 10 situation from a few years back. I had so much fun with that. I had to FIGHT. HARD. Against some of the slimiest tactics I've ever had to deal with...But I'm still running 8.1. today.

Nice system, and games, and all that....I don't like them, and I never will. The less power and influence they have in the games industry, the better.

Oh it's worse, it appeared on my kid's laptops as well, forced restart, taking over the computer. That while MS blocked Firefox on there. They have child accounts in MS family (effing BS) because they need an account to use windows 10 and I didn't lie about their age (stupid stupid stupid). So when they try to run Firefox they need my permission through MS family BS. I have given that permission a dozen times, through the MS family site, through the email requests, but no, doesn't work. Locked out permanently, can only use Edge. Scummy BS.

Anyway through that MS family nonsense you get a nice peak at all the spying MS does. It offers me to review everything my kids do on their laptops....