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Hiku said:
Vodacixi said:

So... why there is no legal consequences for any of the dozens of people accused of this disgusting actions? I don't care that they are sorry. I want them to pay.

Also, there's certainly a problem with adults with the mind of a repressed teenager/kid. And the gaming community seems to gather a good amount of these people. So I guess is not THAT unexpected...

Several of them just asked for an apology or for them to acknowledge what happened. And due to the nature of these crimes, they're often difficult to prove.

Still... It's incredible that non of them took legal actions. Ok, it's hard to prove... But I would at least try. Put these monsters under investigation and such. If not for the them... For potential victims in the future. If they just let them go with an apology... Who says they won't do it again? Who can assure me that they will look for professional help? I can't trust people like this. 

I don't know, this is messed up...