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V-r0cK said:
hush404 said:

As someone who rarely buys new games now because of the price, I just see that personal trend continuing. Games are already $69.99/$79.99 here in Canada and this just means we jump to $79.99/89.99. After tax, we're looking at over $100 per title. The list of games that are worth that, in my eyes, is very small.

Example from Amazon:

Well im not sure how old you are so not sure if you remembered when some SNES games were +$100 CAD, and that was like during mid 90s, which would be around $150 CAD now with inflation.  So paying $100 a game again wouldn't be surprising.  But it still sucks big times.

Canadians had it good last gen (PS3/360) as our dollar was better and our systems/games were the same price amount as the US.

I was living in the Netherlands at the time and I remember Nintendo cartridges being sold for up to 250 guilders at Fame on the Dam square (1998) The shop is gone now, there is a bank in its place. I used to get my Laserdiscs there at 80 to 90 guilders a piece. The guilder (doesn't exist anymore either) was worth about $0.52, so around $45 for a Laserdisc and up to $130 for (imported) Nintendo games.

I spend close to a 1,000 guilders a month at that store in movies and games.

No wonder they went bankrupt after I left the country :)