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padib said:

@vivster, that was one of the best TED talks. Honestly though I was also surprised at how easy it was to change my diet the few times I did it. It's also surprising how similar your build seems to be to mummelman. I want to encourage you in your objectives because I have a similar thing with my abs and I finally see that it's possible with my new plan.

@Mummelmann. My approach to goals was always to use them as a springboard to increase my fitness, and I never let them discourage me, because then they work against me and I need them to work for me. I know that my mind works like almost everyone else, that it will tell me when I failed my goal, but I talk to it and tell it that the goals are there to help me, so I ignore that voice and listen to a new one that say "let's try again" or "let's change the goal!", because in the end I don't really want to reach my goals. In the end, I just want to get more in shape, and I use goals to help me do that. :) For example, in my card you'll see that I didn't achieve my running goal. That's okay because I also just added an abs workout goal, and I set it high for now (which I rarely do), but I'm ready to lower the frequency or intensity at any time. Because I really need the goals to propel me, and not hold me down. If you set a small goal, you never know it might help you build a good habit as you reach it. ;)

@Farsala, would you be able to obtain a scale to weight yourself, and do you have an approach to food? I did some pole-training in the past, it's very difficult. Do you use a high pole with a heavy base, or more of a pole between the floor and the ceiling?

No scale, probably too bulky for my room.

I eat lunch at work, which can be variable nutrition. I then go home and have a fairly balanced carb, protein, fats meal for dinner. It is barely enough for me to gain weight, so I think if I add a bit more strength training the weight gain will be just muscle. Even if it does make me lose weight, my abs will come back instead.

The pole is like 15-20ft high. It is very sturdy and there are many poles next to it, so if I was weak enough I could use 2 of them. But I am fine with just one.