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Ever since I moved cities, I have been unable to go to the gym due to coronavirus. If I did go, I would have to exercise with a mask on and die of heat stroke/ destroy a mask every time. I don't have any equipment, but I do have a bike. I bike to work every time, unless it is raining too hard, then I just walk. I haven't been able to weigh myself but at the end of my gym experience I was actually on an annoyingly downward trend of weight loss. I went from 90kg to 70kg. Lately I have been able to eat more and I feel like I have a good amount of weight gained, but I lost a lot of muscle.

At my job, I do get some small opportunities for a bit of exercise. I have taken that opportunity to do my favorite exercise: the Pull-up. Before I could do 20 consecutive quite easily, and I was surprised that I could still do 10 after 3 months of doing 0. In addition there are these poles that I like to climb like a rope. Currently I can climb up the pole using my legs, but I want to get strong enough to only need my arms. So that's the goal!