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Jaicee said:
KLAMarine said:

I've heard some call this game 'gore porn'. What do you make of this assessment?

The Doom games are gore porn. While TLOU2 is definitely a gruesome game, I feel like there's much more narrative context to it. You're supposed to be repulsed by at least some of it. I mean I was. It got to a point where I would deliberately avoid many confrontations (which is no small feat sometimes) just to avoid hearing the gurgling death sounds and shrill cries and such. You're clearly supposed to dislike much of what the game makes you do. I mean you wind up having to brutalize Ellie and dig into Abby with a knife at different points, for instance. I don't think you're supposed to find that enjoyable and if you do then the problem is with you. ANYWAY, I don't feel like one can say the same thing of like the Doom games, conversely. You're very much meant to revel in and enjoy the gruesomeness of it. That's kinda the whole hook of the franchise, in fact. And I also don't see a lot of people raising a moral fuss over the Doom franchise anymore either like they are with this game.

I think the difference between this and Doom is Doom features demonic monsters with no humanity to them.

Here you are definitely dealing with people though I suppose some of the humans in this game didn't necessarily have much humanity to them either...