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Some things I have observed over the years.

Every fitness sport except pure strength is a waste of time. Forget about cross-fit, zumba or whatever if physique is your main goal.

Eating is prohibitive for muscle gains. Every training day two steaks and three eggs or gtfo. Good diet with bad sport is better than bad diet with good sport.

You have to choose between weight loss or muscle growth if you remain natural. It is impossible to grow muscles while losing weight. Natural body building is a cycle of overeating (bulking) to gain muscles and fat, followed by fasting (cutting) to melt the fat and expose the muscles. Real Olympic strength athletes look chunky and undefined aka the natural strong man look.

Weight loss is best achieved by fasting (cutting). No need for additional sport unless you like sport.

All lean & big muscles guys are roiders. They will tell you about pumping iron but it's all about the roids. Arnie was not natural.