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chakkra said:
EnricoPallazzo said:

Yes I get that, for example read dead redemption for Xone X that was more than just higher resolution and etc.

The point is that games will always run at the maximum resolution and fps as originally designed. AGain using GTA4 as an example, even on XSX in theory it will run at 720p 30fps, of course loading times will be crazy fast, it will never drop below 30fps and probably a few other things will get better.

But as far as I know, to run it at a higher resolution of fps it's something that depends on the developer and I think most o them will not be interested in that as it requires time for something that will not bring more money in, and also kind of kills opportunity for future remasters.

My hope is that XSX could do it without the developer, just like a pc game you know? Microsoft internally just deploy an option to run the game at a higher resolution or fps. But again, I dont see that happening unfortunately.

MS has already been enhancing BC games without the devs input. You already mentioned RDR, that was Microsoft's doing.

"we saw Gears of War Ultimate Edition operating with a 2x resolution scale on both axes, taking a 1080p game all the way up to native 4K. It's an evolution of the Heutchy Method used to bring Xbox 360 720p titles up to full 4K, with often spectacular results. Crucially, the back-compat team does all the heavy lifting at the system level - game developers do not need to participate at all in the process." 

Now they are talking about adding HDR to older games.

"This was a show-stopping moment. It was indeed Fusion Frenzy - an original Xbox title - running with its usual 16x resolution multiplier via back-compat, but this time presented with highly convincing, perceptibly real HDR. The key point is that this is proposed as a system-level feature for Xbox Series X, which should apply to all compatible games that don't have their own bespoke HDR modes - and as Marais demonstrated, it extends across the entire Xbox library."

Thanks! Didnt know it. Hope restored then!