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goopy20 said:
sales2099 said:

First party alone makes GP worth while. And it will be even more evident after July. $15 per month for GP and Live Gold and $10 for just GP. 

Flight Sim, Gears Tactics, Halo Infinite, Forza Motorsport, Forza Horizon, Gears, Hellblade 2, Grounded, Everwild, Peoject Mara. Playgrounds RPG, Obsidian games, Inexile RPGs, The Initiative IP, etc etc.....all day 1. Thats 14 games off the top of my head. Let’s say the lower priced games are $40 and the big hitters are $70. I could play them all for $180 for the year. Let’s me conservative and say PS5 has 7 exclusives in year 1. 70x7 = 490. Simple math dictates Game Pass is a must if you actually value your money. Nevermind the AAA 3rd party games that will eventually come. 

“If they can't really do that with their exclusives because they're all cross-gen titles“

If the games look gorgeous, are quality titles and aren’t on PS being cross gen is irrelevant. It simply helps differentiate the Xbox brand. 

That's true. MS's 1st party exclusives are obviously the major draw for GP and I know there's a lot of value there. But from all those games you just mentioned, how many of them will require a super fast SSD and a RTX graphics cards?

Look, I'm not here trying to upset anyone and I know not everybody shares the same opinion as me as to what next gen games should be about. I know there are plenty of people who swear by playing 4k on 120hz monitors and were probably super impressed with Dirt 5 running in 120fps. But personally, I just care more about a noticeable leap in overall immersion. I expect to watch a crap quality 1080p Youtube stream in July and still come away impressed because it still shows a generational leap. 

That's why I can't stand all the things I keep hearing from Phil and why I think a 4Tflops Lockhart with half the RAM, is a terrible idea. I know its consumer friendly and all. But if you see how developers are able to optimize on consoles, where even a single unlocked cpu core can make a difference, I just find it hard to believe that it's not going to limit the ambitions of multiplatform games across all platforms. Especially once we get into the middle of the generation and developers are starting to test the limits.

No one gets upset about anything you say here. Personally I think it’s entertaining to see which way you’ll spin next, what nonsense you’ll make out of a Papa Phil quote. What your evolving definition of next gen changes to in response to what Microsoft does.

And idk why you’re harping on big AAA games when it comes to Gamepass. The best part of GP is access to tons of games you probably never heard of and had no idea you’d enjoy so much. Or smaller tier games you know about but now get to play for an incredible value because they are on GP. Big AAA mega titles are great but they’ve never been common, outside of MS’s own titles. It’s always been big titles but months or years after release. No different than PS Now.

At launch if you buy a next gen Xbox you’ll have access to games like Scorn, Medium, Halo Infinite, Gears 5 enhanced, plus others coming around launch like Gears Tactics and Call to the Sea plus others. Who cares if it doesn’t get the newest CoD or Battlefield or whatever.

Also numerous devs and journalists have spoken out about Lockhart supposedly holding XSX back. Per usual, you’re mistaken.