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goopy20 said:
DonFerrari said:

Start of the gen it also make a lot of sense when bundled.

If you go there as a casual gamer or someone that really like to game but have limited budget, there is plenty of people like that, and you have one option of PS5 and Series X let's say at 499 (both selling at loss) and you have to put forth extra 60 bucks for new games, and let's say you have to buy 3 games during the first year to have something to play, that means 680 bucks upfront (without even accounting for mp costs).

Now same person see Lockhart for 399 with the option of 0 upfront payment if they sign for a 5 year GP plan and that comes with all the GP library of BC X1 plus added games of GP on launch (like Halo let's say).

Even if long term they end up paying 50-100% more on the HW because of the finnancing when the person see 0 upfront and small monthly payments, let's say 25 bucks (15 for subs and 10 for console) he is certainly be interested by that.

I know there's a lot of value there, but what's stopping anyone from just sticking to their ps4/xone? There are 150m gamers out there playing on current gen consoles who are probably perfectly fine with what they have. Its up to MS and Sony to show the value of their new consoles and persuade them to upgrade. If very few people do that, it will be a long, long time before we'll see AAA games designed specifically for next gen consoles. The only way to do that is with great games that can only be played on next gen.

GP is fantastic and all, but does it really have the games that'll persuade anyone to upgrade to a next gen console? Someone who buys a $200 Lockhart will likely be most excited about the big blockbusters like GTA6, COD etc. All games that probably won't be on GP for years, if at all. That's why I'm saying GP offers good value but its also a double edged sword when it comes to building a next gen installbase, and getting the big developers on board.

Nothing, as there isn't anything stoping anyone from keeping their PS3 and not buy a PS4, still people buy them.

All MS blockbuster games are and will be on GP day one, several high profile third parties are also on GP so people would be enticed by it.

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