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Jaicee said:
JWeinCom said:

That would give me examples of trans women setting records, not men.

Explain the difference to me.

(Spoiler: I never get a clear explanation. From anyone. Not even trans-identified people are able to explain it. Therefore, I don't actually expect one.)

Trans-men (women who go to men) have all the dis-advantages of being born a woman, trying to compete against men, who didnt have these, and thus the chances of ever being able to compete on a fair playing feild are tiny. Thus they basically arnt something you can find.

Thats why trans-women are the ones setting records (men who go women).
They were born with the inherant advantages of being a man (size/height/skeleton/muscle/hormone/hand+feetsize) and only had to have a sex change and lower their hormones to womens levels afterwards.  However the equaliseing of the hormones isnt the entire story, they still have plenty of other advantages, or had them growing up, so after transitioning their still at a better starting place than women.

Thats why trans-women are setting records in women sports, and not the otherway around.
Basically if there was enough men who were trans-women playing sports, there would be no space for women in sports (who were born women).