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Peh said:
I would be surprised if a female athlete turned into male athlete would beat a male. Males have more muscle mass by default.

Suposedly theres minor skeletion differnces too, and muscle ones as well.
Plus things like hand and feet sizes. Testosteron is a big one too, makes it easiler to develope the body muscles.

If your born a man, build up muscles and transition to a trans-women, and compete you have a unfair advantage compaired to normal women.
Even if you use hormones to keep your levels around where a women does.

Joe Rogan said its like a woman growing up, and naturally haveing wide shoulders, and being on steoroids to build up muscles (her entire life).
Even after hormone levels are equalised, you still have all that progress you made pre that, ontop of theres still minor differnces between the two.

Basically you cant be a trans person and compete on a professional level (atleast not if you go male->female), it hardly seems fair to the women of the world, that do want to play sports. Otherwise if theres enough trans people, you would see womens sports dominated by trans-women.

Basically I dont think trans people ever truely become men or women.
They become as close as possible, and are then trans-man or trans-women, which theres nothing wrong with.
They just cant compete in professional sports, for the sake of women, who were born women.

Last edited by JRPGfan - on 04 July 2020