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sundin13 said:
DonFerrari said:

We may lack more data, but when I see that when they were male these athletes were below average but after transitioning and even when taking in count all the elements transexual advocates on sports mention (like hormone therapy, time in that therapy, etc), these athletes just suddenly become top in class. And what is often pointed is that even though that person have hormone level like a woman and have been transitioned for several years their infancy and formation of their body (bone density, muscle density, etc) was already benefitted a lot.

The data is scarce, but what data we do have available doesn't indicate that transgender individual have a significant advantage after transitioning.

And how would we then explain that athletes that have competed for several years as male were below average but after transition became top players? And as put by someone here for marathon (mainly swimming) female have a much closer times to male than on any other competitive sport;

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