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tack50 said:
Peh said:
I would be surprised if a female athlete turned into male athlete would beat a male. Males have more muscle mass by default.

I actually looked at this once. The only sports where women came even close to men in the olympics were some categories of shooting (which might use diferent scoring so I cannot comment on those) and long distance swimming (10km open waters)

In fact amateur women tend to beat amateur men at long distance swimming, though at the elite level men still clearly have the upper hand. This was because women have a higher body fat % on average, so they float more :P

So hypothetically I suppose a female long distance swimmer, who then transitioned into a man, may or may not beat men (idk if said trans man would get the best combination of both or the worst)

This is an interesting point. If someone made sylicone implants would that affect their floating capabilities and if so would count as dopping?

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