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Peh said:
DonFerrari said:

There are some sports were technique and experience is quite more important than raw muscle. But I do imagine that will be hard to come to a case that a trans male athlete even with testosterone on the level of male will be able to compete to the point of being olympic champion or whatnot.

Yes, there are some, but every sport that needs strength and speed will go for the male.

I wouldn't let transgenders compete with the gender they identify with. This would need a new category only meant for transgender people. But I don't think they are enough to justify it.

Not yet, but probably some decades ago no one thought there were enough high level paralympic athletes to justify a whole olympic to them right?

And well if they allow transgender in the main olympics (I think if a paralympic reached regular olympic times and doesn't need special support he perhaps could try to compete in regular olympics) it is an athlete individual choice if wants to compete as transmale.

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