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In the past 10 years or so we have seem an increase in the numbers of transgender in some sports that have separation by birth sex. And some cases became famous (including in Brazil). Several involves former male athletes that weren't well know before and that transitioned to trans female and became famous and in some cases broke records or won championships either individual or collective sports.

There is several discussion on this and many wrong assumptions, like what would be considered acceptable to claim to have truly crossed to the other genre for sport consideration, time since it started, hormonal level, etc.

But one thing that haven't saw a famous case yet is a former female athlete that have transitioned to be a trans male athlete and became a powerhouse at the sport. Do anyone heard a famous case?

And in homage to Ren, this discussion will probably take sometime to really be sorted by olympic committee and we may either end up having a third category in olympics with "non-binary" where it won't matter gender at birth or present so all compete together (sure some sports would still have weight categories), or we may end with similar to paralympic a multi-tiered categories for trans people that accomodate to different hormone levels, sex at birth, etc.

By the way there is one excelent manga about a female dressed as his brother that compete and goes almost until reaching olympics, Nononono. I recommend reading it, the story is very addictive.

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