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sales2099 said:
eva01beserk said:

I was to young to care at all about rare in the 90's. and while I did like conker I dint even know or cared who made it.

Im sure that there are plenty of people who do hate it cuz it was bought by MS or because they hate multyplayer.

Depends of what you mean by genre. If games as a service is considered a genre, then definetly I hate that.

I will admit that I am pessimistic, not because is rare or MS, because this type of game is what I believe could be the next big thing that could potentially damage gaming for all as companies chase this baren products wich will slowly drip content and hopefully be good in the future.

Got it, thank you. You hate Games as a Service. To be fair it’s a double edged sword. The game opens light and gets better year after year. The pros are a more rewarding game that keeps you coming back and ultimately have more content then if it where a single package (depends on popularity to get to that level).

The cons is the early bad metacritic score and early adopters can leave rather quickly if content is too light day 1. I feel if a developer says this in advance, that it is a GaaS, then people won’t feel tricked into playing it right away. They can wait a bit and jump in when enough is added. 

For me the problem of GaaS is that I like single player games with story, and I prefer to play it in one go.

But yes there is a very good to keep GP feed, put a chapter a month and people will need to keep signed to keep playing, do that with 3 or more studios there is value for customer and viable revenue for studios.

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