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EnricoPallazzo said:
TruckOSaurus said:

That's what enables a lot of sexual predators. Proof is very hard to come by in cases of sexual harassment or even in cases of rape if the victim doesn't go to the police right away. So it boils down to a situation of "your word against mine" most of time.

Doesnt matter, if you have no proof, no evidence, no witnesses, you should be prepared to be sued back because we have a lot of cases where people have made accusations only to destroy the person life. Also a sexual offense once becomes public already destroyed your life even if it is 100% a lie. Its terrible that people use it as a way to silence others, but it should be reason to destroy someone without proof. So in my opinion, if you are innocent, sue back agressively.

What’s clear is that the spectre of false allegation continues to dog the reporting of sexual violence. There remains a public impression that false allegations are common and that innocent people suffer as the result of being wrongfully accused.

The evidence on false allegations fails to support public anxiety that untrue reporting is common. While the statistics on false allegations vary – and refer most often to rape and sexual assault – they are invariably and consistently low. Research for the Home Office suggests that only 4% of cases of sexual violence reported to the UK police are found or suspected to be false. Studies carried out in Europe and in the US indicate rates of between 2% and 6%.

It happens, but you call that a lot?

Eurogamer just did a good article on sexual harrasment in the games industry.

I haven't seen any harassment going on myself while working in the software industry (didn't look out for it either) but can attest to the culture of binge drinking peer pressure. Friday after work to the pub was heavily encouraged, as well as weekend outings to get stupid drunk as a form of team building. It wasn't mandatory or anything (just heavily encouraged in a if you don't go you're lame sort of way), but free unlimited alcohol plus peer pressure etc. High pressure work, time to let off steam by getting blind drunk.