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Hiku said:

Can you guys please stop talking about the statistics of sexual allegations? Talk about this case, or cases related to the FGC.
I don't want to see anyone here telling victims how they should or should not handle these things. @EnricoPallazzo 

As for this one, I go over it more in detail below, but it is painfully obvious by the reactions of everyone that knows Joey that they either knew about his behavior for a long time, and/or they believe it firmly enough to the point where prominent players and announcers boycotted EVO.
The rest of the EVO owners kicking him out and apparently also buying him out of the company should be another sign. But for more details:

KLAMarine said:

Is that how you'd respond if your daughter told you she was sexually assaulted? Or "Did you record it?"
That's how you responded to someone in a thread some months back.

This is about a public figure, so you should try to do the bare minimum of looking into the massive amount of information circulating about  this before making ignorant comments.
A lot of his friends are corroborating these stories. James Chen for example confirms he knew of the fountain incidents. Mike Wattson told us how Joey told a boy to do naked jumping jacks for E3 tickets. The boy that was tricked into showing him his erection mentioned several well known FGC members like Viscant by name, and said that they laughed at him when he told them this right after it happened, because they all knew that Joey was gay, and he didn't.
Filipinoman, another friend of Joey's, was also at the receiving end of similar behavior from him:

I'm not defending that Cuellar guy bcuz he does seem like a pervert, but I'd like to point out that that "kid" who was messaging him there was no victim either. He was clearly taking advantage of the situation to get stuff.