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KBG29 said:
First Impressions

Just finished through Chapter 3. Like Blood & Truth, I think that this is a game held back by the tech in PSVR. It is not bad, but the load screens and the limited controls due to the Move Controllers take a lot away from what could be.

The problem with the load screens is, they are long, and they are often. It greatly interupts the flow of the game, and the action. Just as you get amped up, bam, another loading screen, taking the engament and excitement back down. This game will benefit greatly from a PS5 Edition that eleminates the load screens, and allows for seemless transitions.

With the controls, we have the same issue that plagues many titles with the Move controllers. The lack of analog sticks, breaks the immersion. In Iron Man gameplay, you are limited to imprecise buttons inputs to turn. As Tony, you have to teleport and blink turn around locations. So far the gameplay as Iron Man is fun, with lots of different weapons and attacks to choose from, and some neat little set piece actions to perform, but the limitations of the Move stop it from being a natural or great feeling experience.

So far I am interested in the story, I am taking a short break, and then I will jump back in.

I will try to come back with more impressions as I find anything new to add. I'll give my final thoughts once I finish.

I really love PSVR and VR in general, but I think Sony has done a less than stellar job displaying the medium with the current tech. Stuff like Killzone and Resistance would have been perfect for what we have. The ability to play games like God of War or Horizon Zero Dawn in 3rd Person with the DS4 would have done wonders to showing the scale of the worlds. Hopefully, we see much better choices made with PS5 and PSVR2.

Thanks for the first impression it help us on deciding on jumping or not to buy the game.

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