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im about 1/2 way through chapter 21 according to the collectable guide i rate the first game as one of the highest games ever made up there with mgs3 mgs1 and gta sa i actually spoiled myself and read the spoilers while i was playing the game aswell so i know what goes down and how the game ends

idk even if i excuse the games story and character decisions something feels off about the game like you cant swap bottle and bricks now you also cant melee with a bottle and brick if your carrying a bigger melee weapon, theres no MP either remember last gen ND made uncharted 1-3 and tlou this gen just uncharted 4 a dlc for it and tlou2 w/o MP, PS3 was also touted as being harder to dev for. what was so good about the first game and ND games in general was the connection with your playable character and the ai controlled so far that seems gone aswell

im not gonna rate the game yet bash or praise till im finished there could be things that can still change the way i feel right now im stuck in the middle but i believe something happened with ND sometime last gen idk to much about have to research but i remember a few key people that worked on thsese games left ND i feel if someone who created a character drake and joel for ex. if there not there part of the team then there original idea of how the character is is also gone and the other members of the team are tasked to mold that character how they want and feel

case in point drake in the first game is a badass treasure hunter he is now married with a kid no signs of treasure hunting anymore i cant talk about tlou2 b/c of spoilers but maybe some of the decisions made with the story and characters of tlou2 happened b/c now other people at ND where tasked with creating and story telling and they may have visions that are totally different than what was design back in 2013 so alot of changes have to made

Last edited by BHR-3 - on 03 July 2020


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