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DakonBlackblade said:
LivingMetal said:

I've seen YouTubers use the 80% drop as ammo to justify their cause.  And I'm not knocking anyone with an opinion.  It's just that the 80% drop reported by these certain YouTubers reveal how much of a shill they really are who are just as bad if not worse than the ones they judge as being shills of the opposite persuasion.  Especially when given a potentially similar context in drop as Don had previously stated.  So please do not fall in the same camp.  In fact if you don't want to come off as a kind of shill, please make sure you formulate a more structurally correct argument.  I am by no mean grammar police.  But everything in bold and underline that was corrected from your original quote in plentiful do you no favors when your post comes across as agenda driven talking points.  It comes across as "reacting before thinking" which doesn't bode well for the intent of the argument.

You understood the message, there's no reason to be pedantic. Also English is not my first language, fast typing + that results in problems, it is what it is.

Also the drop is massive, no amount of sugar coating it will work, stores are reporting used copys in the buckets, Japan has pages and pages of used TLoU copys on their Ebay over there (they hate the game to no end in Japan) and if you want a more elaborate critic here goes:

Better than being a dumb ass.  How's that for pedantic...?

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