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John2290 said:
Cerebralbore101 said:
I finished the game, and liked the story. They were doing to Abby what Game of Thrones did to Jamie Lannister through seasons 1-5. She started out as a villain, and slowly, but surely you were made to like her. The two highpoints of the game were when Abby discovered her dead friends in the aquarium, and the theater fight. We as the players already knew that Ellie had killed everyone in the aquarium. We already knew that Abby was coming back to find all her friends dead. That made the suspense and anticipation all that greater. I loved the theater fight! Both these characters had good reasons at this point to kill the other. Playing as Abby I didn't know what to do, because I was like, "I can't kill Ellie! She's the main character!". I wasn't sure whether the game would have Abby kill Ellie and end there or not. Then there was the fact that Ellie was such a badass in this fight. You try  throwing bottles or bricks at her, and she just dodges them, and blasts you in the gut. You try listening for her and she's deadly quiet.

Ellie sparing Abby at the end made sense, because Lev was there, and because Abby had already spared Ellie twice. Not to mention that Abby didn't even want to fight in the first place. Abby knew full well that what she did to Ellie (by killing Joel in front of her) was a horrible thing to do. Abby is the sort of character that makes stupid decisions and then later comes to regret them or even hate herself for those choices. Just look at how she got together with her ex, despite knowing full well that her friend and her ex were having a kid together.

Abby couldn't kill Ellie, because she knew full well that she was Ellie's Joel (Abby was Ellie's villain, just like how Joel was Abby's villian). Abby was the person that killed Ellie's adoptive father one, just like how Joel killed Abby's father.

I can't believe the number of people that want to rate this game a 1/10 based solely on them not liking the story. Gameplay, Graphics, Sound, Controls, and Length all play a part in how good a game is. I mean, I could see reasonable people rating this a 7/10 or 6/10 because they really hated the story. But even then that's stretching it.

I don't think it's stretching it, everyone is different, I'd rate the story a 6, the game an 8 and overall I'd say a solid 7 but with asterisk stating that it ruins established characters. 5 is mediocre on my scale, 6 is decent, 7 is solid/good, 8 is great, 9 is stellar & addictive, 10 is when the stars align and make a game that is all a 9 is but also has very little problems and is finely crafted. This is not a 10, it's not a 9 either and at times I want to drop the story to less than a 5, a 4 maybe (poor) but somehow it manages to stil rise above it despite all the problems and writibg issues, somehow ot manages to be decent enough with the shear magnitude of production, VA and the brutality of it among other things. There are times I wanted to drip the gamepkay to a 5 like this... 

... yeah, it gets even worse than that at times like whole monster boxes just desending on you and you can run left and right or in a circle and regain stealth to takr them out or just pop them if you feel like wasting ammo or even worse, have them all come at you and beat them with a melee weapon, they drop a melee weapon and you pick it up to kill the next guy who drops a melee weapon and so on. I was playing on hard with companions on survivor and materials on moderate and the majority of my deaths were one hit kills, a boss, a stupid just scare where enemies are attached to walls and grab you or taking an arrow in the open. Still, the game despite all it's issues manages to push past all that and rise to being great, I can't explain how so besides it being so well crafted, the level design being great at times and the core gameplay and feel being, well, great

Idk, a 7 for me and I wouldn't even question someone with a 5 or a 4 because I can see why. I don't question peoples 8s or 9s either but 10's, nah, there are glaring issues you can't ignore and I can't believe anyone would rate this a 10, as long as they aren't a kid, a teen or a massive casual who cosumes very little media. You'd have to ignore so many problems, your rating of 10 becomes a joke like the 1s, 2s and 3's. 

I've seen people put up videos on Sekiro showing similar stuff where enemies just don't react. It happens in all stealth games every once in a while. Also, I'm not sure what difficulty level Jim was playing on. Could have been easy mode for all I know.

Your weird choice of difficulty settings probably isn't the best way to play the game. Putting materials on moderate for example is going to cause stuff to rain down on you so much that it ruins the survival horror aspect of the game. I don't see how you died to jump scares, unless you never topped off your HP bar.

My scale goes from a 6 to a 10, for the most part. If I ever actually rated a game a 5/10, it would have to be one of the worst games I ever played. I'm about a quarter of the way through my second playthrough. Overall I think I'd give it an 8.5 now. The Jackson parts are way too slow the second time around. I don't like the scavenger hunt collectibles aspect of the Trophies. I don't like how the game has sections where you are locked in, and can't go back. Like when you cross a certain section with your horse, and a cutscene initiates, and there's no going back to the area you were exploring. You're now locked into going forward. I hate that, because it's do disruptive to gameplay. Opening cuboards and drawers takes too long too.

Since you rate on a 1-10 scale, and I rate on a 6-10 scale, I think we are more in agreement, than disagreement. Since a 5/10 is average/mediocre for you, converted to my scale average/mediocre would be a 7/10. Likewise, your 7/10 score would translate a little higher on my scoring scale.