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Gaming is about games.  Google has not yet acknowledged this yet, and seems to think they can get by with their new tech alone.  I don't know how many platforms I've seem come and go over the years with impressive tech.  For example, the Neo Geo had the most impressive tech for generation 4, but it's games were not nearly as good as Nintendo's or Sega's games.  Games matter.  Tech doesn't matter (not really).  Tech only matters if it allows you to play better games, or different games, or get a better value out of playing games.  But even if a platform offers a better value, it still needs it's own unique games.

Here is the thing about Stadia.  The tech is so innovative, that they actually could develop some new types of games for it, but they haven't done it yet.  Battle Royale and MMOs are streaming oriented games.  If they came out with the greatest Battle Royale or MMO ever, then all of the sudden people would be playing Stadia.  They have the tech that could enable some mindblowing games, but they still have to actually make the games.  Gaming is about games.