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Theres also this:

KeokeN founder (game director Koen Deetman) :
"For now, we don't see too many differences, they seem to be competing well against each other and both are pushing new boundaries."

"We Don’t See Many Differences Between PS5 & XSX (CPU); Tempest Will Free CPU Resources"

"Audio will always play a crucial role in our games and the next generation of consoles boasts a host of fantastic audio features. It looks like Tempest will free up CPU that we used to need for audio, so that leaves room for us to use for other aspects of the game. The HRTF functionality seems particularly interesting, too. We're also excited about Project Acoustic's wave-based technology. It's all very promising and we're looking into how it would tie into our existing workflow and technology."

One way of getting CPU to punch above its weight, is to off-load tasks from it.
Like if audio doesnt take up cpu usage anymore, that can be spent on other cpu tasks instead.

I honestly think CPU wise, the differnce between the Xbox Series X, and the Playstation 5 will be like near 0.
GPU wise, that 15% wont be that big a deal either.

kirby007 said:
if that means the ps5 can also do 120fps engines and actually does create games with it, i'll be happy

Some games will be.

Valorant dev's have said that 4k 120fps is a achievable goal on next gen consoles.
That means on both the xbox series x, and playstation 5.

Polyphony Digital (Grand Turismo) have said that 4k is enough, and instead they ll chase 120fps or 240fps.
(ironic considering they showed it off running 8k, I believe?)

Last edited by JRPGfan - on 01 July 2020