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What does this mean?

Well AMD makes chiplets (Core Compute Dies), and these each hold upto 4 CCX's (Core Compute Complex's).
Now when you spread out the cores, to be amoung differnt CCX's, theres a "lag" moveing data around between the CCX's, and cache's.
You could call this a Interconnect Latency. When all the CPU cores are in the same package, or same CCX theres a performance uplift.

This is shown in the AMD Ryzen 3 3300x and the Ryzen 3100.
(the 3300x is only a few mhz faster, but being in 1 ccx instead of 2, theres a massive performance differnce).

Why does this matter?
Well remember Sony Playstation 5 roadmap video?
Where they keep talking about latency and how they went out of their way to do away with it where ever they could?

Rumor has it that applies to the cpu too.
With Zen 3, AMD is going to make CCX's not have this issue, when your useing 8/16 core/threads.
Playstation 5, wont be zen3, but it could have some of things used in zen3, used in the Zen2 cores it has.
Ei. fixing this issue of interconnection latency in the cpu.

Hint 1:  (redgameingtech and his source's)

timestamp : 21:19

"the zen 2 achitecture inside the playstation 5 has seen some modifications"
"I believe the playstation 5 might have some features that belong to the zen 3 and that feature is the unified CCX design"

and then theres this:

"Let’s say you have a CPU whose cores are 110mhz faster, but with higher interconnect latencies, versus another CPU. That’s fine if you are hitting on-core L1/L2 cache almost all the time, otherwise you’re stalling. I’d personally favor the lower latencies vs marketing numbers." - Matt Hargett

Thats the wink wink, hypothetically cpu inside the xbox series x, vs the playstation 5.

Hes saying that the modifications to the playstation 5 cpu, mean that it doing away with this "Interconnect Latency" is a bigger boost to the cpu, than it being 100mhz slower than the xbox series x's cpu.

Playstation 5 cpu, is perphaps slightly faster than xbox series x's cpu, even while running 100mhz slower.